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Interim Board Chair: Jo Schaefer

Vice Chair: VACANT

Secretary: Peter Sysyn

Treasurer: Ian Timm

Land Use: VACANT    Send to Jo Schaefer

Transportation:    VACANT   Send to Jo Schaefer

Safety: Ian Timm



Goals and Priorities for 2023


  • Better coordination with the other neighborhoods in the CNN coalition
  • Continue partnership with the Hollywood Boosters
  • Get bylaws updated to make sure we are operating in the best interest of the neighborhood


  • Assist RCPNA to be a recognized N.E.T.
  • Assist Grant Park to organize and be recognized as a N.E.T.
  • Work on an ADHOC with both groups


  • Traffic calming for NE 47th Ave.
  • Safety and livability and the possibility of working with Providence and other neighbors
  • Hollywood Welcome Map: an at-a-glance map that focuses on transportation options in the area
  • Parking: work with Providence and Centers & Corridors Committee findings
  • Continue process on the Streetcar project

Communications and Outreach

  • Website and newsletter
  • Create Hollywood-sponsored event for residents and businesses
  • Provide childcare at meetings and events

Other Board Priorities

  • Visibility of the neighborhood association
  • Sustainable resources guide
  • Make HNA more of a local resource of what is happening/things to do and see in the area (e.g., music, new restaurants, events)
  • Partner with the Boosters to work on the December 2017 Shop With A Cop Event as volunteers.
  • Continue to be open and flexible to opportunities for us to become engaged with our neighbors and other organizations
  • Maintain our involvement in the parades, concerts in the park, and neighborhood cleanups
  • Support the City’s efforts to combat homelessness, with particular emphasis among veterans

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