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Draft Principles for Residential Development

Building prototypes and potential regulatory tools should be evaluated for their achievement of th following principles. These principles are meant to apply to future residential development in Portland’s predominantly single-family neighborhoods.

1. Fit Neighborhood Context.

Would the approach to development standards produce building forms and siting that are consistent with physical qualities common within specific neighborhoods or pattern areas (i.e. scale, massing, street frontage, and transitions to adjacent houses)?

2.Provide Diverse Housing Opportunities That Are Adaptable Over Time.

Would the approach help to produce housing types that accommodate diverse needs and preferences of Portland’s residents, and balance the needs of future and current residents?

Would the approach yield additional housing tht can be adapted over time to accommodate changing household needs, abilities, and economic conditions, and help older adults “age in place”?

Would it provide flexibility within the building envelope for future additions?

3. Maintain Privacy, Sunlight, Open space and Natural Features.

Would the standards result in development that responds to positive qualities of the natural setting and site conditions?

Would the preserve the comfort and privacy of living areas, and provide adequate and usable yard area for gardening and enjoyment of the outdoors?

Would the accommodate sustainable stormwater solutions, and help meet tree canopy goals?

4. Be Resource-Efficient.

Would the approach encourage the development and preservation of compact, resource and energy-efficient homes? Would it support the use of technologies, techniques, and materials that result in less environmental impact over the life cycle of the structure?

Would it better utilize surplus capacity in existing public infrastructure?

5. Support Housing Affordability.

Would the standards help to reduce the cost of housing for homeowners and renters by increasing the availability of housing citywide that is affordable to lower-income families?

Would the approach promote equity and environmental justice by reducing disparities, minimizing burdens, affirmatively furthering fair housing, proactively fighting displacement, and improving socio-economic opportunities for under-served and under-represented populations.

6, Be Economically Feasible.

Would the approach allow for a reasonable return on investment for homeowners and developers, allowing the market to produce needed new housing to sufficiently accommodate the city’s growing population?

Would it catalyze desired development while minimizing undesired development and demolition of existing sound housing?

7. Provide Clear Rules for Development.

Would the proposed standards be easy to use and understand, and be consistently applied?

Would the zoning districts be clearly reflective of the neighborhood character they would produce?




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