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HNA sponsors several committees which conduct many activities for the neighborhood.

  • Land Use
    This committee handles all of the land-use issues, such as zoning, planning, and more.

  • Transportation
    This committee focuses on the various transportation modes and services that serve the neighborhood.  This includes safety, capacity and mobility projects that will enhance the livability of our community.

  • Sustainability
    WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP LEAD THIS COMMITTEE. Are you someone who cares for the environment, and understands the long-term implications of short-term planning? This group/individual is focused on enhancing the livability of the neighborhood: including air, water, trees, open spaces, or in any way that adds to the health and vitality of the neighborhood.

  • Safety
    This committee focuses on emergency preparedness.

  • Finance & Treasurer
    The treasurer and others on this committee handle cashflow and day-to-day operational costs, as well as budgets and statements.

  • Community Outreach and Communications
    This committee prioritizes resident engagement and the dissemination of information, through the website, newsletter, social media, and neighborhood events.



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